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Red Island's information security awareness E-Learning course is the industry's definitive product; it is content rich with a unique and contemporary audio and visual experience. The module is totally customised to incorporate client IS policy and terminology. Internally or externally hosted, our E-Learning course provides the perfect security awareness learning tool. Many security breaches are internal and commonly occur due to lack of understanding of security policy by staff. Using many advanced learning techniques, our programme will support our client's information Security initiative and will allow them to deploy their policies and security messages within. It provides a high level overview of key information security issues and advice on how to be security aware.

Knowledge and understanding will be confirmed throughout the course using a series of interactive exercises and a post training quiz which with questions defined by the client. The course is SCORM compliant and integrated with a learning management system, which will track and report on learner activity and is fully auditable.

The aim of this 25-35 minute course is to promote positive security behavior both at work and whilst travelling or at home. Its engaging interactive style will encourage staff to become more security aware around organisational information assets and ultimately reduce information leakage and breach.

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The information security awareness module will be deployed to the user's PC (either office or at home) via a Learning Management System. Our course is SCORM compliant and includes a comprehensive and auditable tracking system that will enable you to identify who is participating in the training and whether they actually complete the training as well as a means to track test results via management reports, and metrics against which you can evaluate results.

The session will cover, but not be limited to:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • What information security is and how it protects the organisation
  • The potential organisational impact of a security breach both in the workplace and at home
  • How to be security conscious at work and know where to find supporting information
  • How to recognise and report an information security incident, weakness or event
  • Staffs own information security responsibilities.
  • Organisational information security objectives and supporting policies

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