Equal Opportunities – are you protecting your company?

This course is essential for getting your staff to spot potential threats to your business before they become major problems. The consequences for the organisation can be time consuming and expensive so it is essential that the company eliminates issues by educating staff.

This course provides "best practice" for protecting the Company against spurious claims and uniquely, points out that not every issue gives rise to a valid cause for complaint. In doing so, it manages the risk for the Company and identifies spurious invalid enquiries and complaints and will help you to deal with and minimise risks and for protecting the company if it's sued.

Employers are obliged to have an equal opportunities policy and training in place, if they are to be able to utilise a key statutory defence to a discrimination complaint. Staff need to know how to identify potential problems and what to do about them.

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About the Equal Opportunities course

Blue Circle Lawyers

Developed in collaboration with employment law specialist Blue Circle Lawyers, Leopink's Equal Opportunities e-learning course provides focussed and practical training on how to facilitate equal opportunities within the workplace environment and covers how to deal with problems should they arise.

  • Understand why equal opportunities in the workplace is important
  • Learn who is protected by equality legislation and when
  • List the characteristics protected by law
  • Understand different types of discrimination
  • What happens if you are a victim of discrimination?
  • Appreciate the likely consequences of discrimination

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