We are a leading provider of eLearning solutions which transfers KNOWLEDGE, improves SKILLS and gets RESULTS for your organisation.

LeoPink delivers customisable eLearning libraries which meet the need to ensure staff can get access to cost effective and professional online learning which meets the needs of dynamic organisations.

LeoPink provides a wide range of quality courses together with the tools to enable each course to be customised and to be deployed on your LMS or ours. We back this up with a strong service culture getting you the results you need for your organisation. Management reporting gives you the metrics to ensure your training plan is working which enables you to manage effectively.


In today's world its vital to ensure that you take appropriate steps to ensure your staff are not only well trained to do their job but also are thoroughly acquainted on areas of the law which can be hugely expensive in the event of a claim…don't economise where the cost of non-conformance vastly outweighs the cost of conformance.

In 2012/13 the Industrial Tribunal awarded £387,472 in a discrimination case and average awards in discrimination cases are around £10,000.

It will cost you a lot less if you can avoid the possibility of an expensive claim for discrimination by educating your staff and colleagues. This applies across the board now and eLearning is a very effective way of meeting your legal obligations relating to discrimination and a host of other regulatory requirements.

At LeoPink we understand what you need to provide a comprehensive range of courses to both skill your workers and also to make them aware of the need to comply with legislation. We provide that solution quickly, easily and at a cost of as low as £10 per employee per year. This is where the value is for your organisation.

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Zenosis is a web-based, regulatory and compliance eLearning library for the medicinal products sector.

Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for success in this heavily regulated sector, and the Zenosis range of eLearning provides readily accessible, continually updated courses that enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry staff and healthcare professionals to meet the demands placed on them by a vast range of legal statutes, regulatory guidelines, and industrial or professional codes of practice.